Quick Italian meal

Quinoa Mex Quick Meal

Tomatoes stuffed with Spring Ready Rice

Ready-made Tomato Rice Salad

Spring Ready Rice with pesto

Mini Carnival Pizzas

Rice and Cocoa Brownie

Vegan Bowl with Ready Rice and Beans

Ready Beans Rice with cod pataniscas

Ready Mediterranean Rice with cod pastries

Ready Mediterranean Rice Salad

Autumn salad with Ready Mediterranean Rice, roasted pumpkin and walnuts

Sweet Rice and banana smoothie

Cold Long Grain Rice salad with shrimp and basil hummus

Sweet Rice Porridge with coconut and passion fruit

Mango rice pudding with Carolino Rice

Carolino Rice and tuna burger

Vegetarian Long Grain Rice crepes

Long Grain Rice Cups xau xau

Bean burrito, Long Grain Rice and peppers

Long Grain Rice bowl with seasonal vegetables and chicken strips

Pumpkin shape Carolino Rice balls

Ready Beans Rice with grilled chicken steaks

Ready Vegetables Rice with croquettes

Vegan Carolino Rice Muffins with Vegetables

Jambalaya with Long Grain Rice

Sea bass broth Medium Grain rice

Sweet Rice tart

Tuna and coriander Medium Grain rice balls

Tradicional Sweet Rice

Long Grain rice with meatballs

Medium Grain hake curry

Long Grain rice with saffron and fresh coriander

Carolino duck rice

Classic Carolino rice with shrimp and clams broth

Turkey Rosemary rice with dry fruits in the oven

Classic Mushroom Rice

Sweet rice of chocolate

Tomato Carolino Rice

Agulha Brasil white rice with black beans farofa and cabbage

Chicken Soup with Long Grain Rice

Carolino Codfish Rice

Salmon Long Grain Rice with sweet and sour sauce

Carolino seafood Rice

Rice pudding porridge with currants and pumpkin seeds

Long Grain Brasil Rice with raisins and dried fruits

Tomato Carolino Rice + fishs sticks

Galinhada with Long Grain Brasil Rice

Long Grain Brasil Rice with black beans and skewers

Long Grain Carolino chicken Rice

Vegan Poké with Carolino Long Grain Rice

Louro Sweet Rice porridge with pumpkin and walnut compote

Louro rice porridge with fruits and honey

Sweet Rice Bonbons